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Top 3 Benefits of Renting Arcade Machines For Your Next Event

Getting arcade machines is one of the best ways to add excitement to your parties, events, and celebrations. So, why not bring back some nostalgic fun by renting arcade machines in Singapore today?

Whether you want to challenge your guests or show off your gaming skills, these arcade carnival machines are perfect for shaking up your next event.

1. Unbeatable entertainment value for everyone of all ages

It is hard to find anything more exciting than an arcade game machine. It opens a whole new world of fun and excitement that is hard to match. Even better, it is suitable for everyone of all ages.

Compete with friends and family in games such as Aliens Extermination, Mario Kart, or Bishi Bashi. What makes these multiplayer games so enjoyable is that they give you a much more competitive and exciting gaming experience.

Prefer to disco instead? Try Dance Dance Revolution, the game that will keep you jumping for joy. With a backlit dance pad and a strong selection of music genres and songs, have a blast with family, friends, and guests while you dance the night away.

2. Variety of customisable gaming options at affordable prices

Instead of spending thousands of dollars buying arcade machines for a one-time event, renting them is way more affordable and cost-effective. Guests can play them again and again at your event without getting bored or running out of spare change. From race car games like the Daytona USA and Racing Simulator to old-time classics like the Basketball Machine and Foosball Table, you can always find something for everyone.

Take your event up a notch by customising your arcade machines. The machine’s exterior graphic wrap and the products inside the claw machines can be easily changed to suit your brand. It is the perfect way to advertise while entertaining your audience.  

Give your guests a door gift to take home and remember about your special day. Prize-dispensing machines are available to ensure the fun in your celebration stays till the very end. They add an extra layer of engagement and excitement as your guest turns the knob to receive their prize.

3. Easy set-up, without any maintenance or storage worries

Many individuals have the misconception that a ton of setup is needed for arcade machines. However, only one simple powerpoint switch is needed to power the arcade machine.

No space? No problem. Consider compact tabletop arcade machines that are designed to fit easily on any surface, but still give the same exciting fun. Also, once the event is over, the arcade machine company will remove these machines immediately, without any extra hassle.

Level up your event in Singapore by renting arcade machines

Everyone loves arcade games. With over 150 arcade machines and other carnival party games to choose from, give your guests an unforgettable experience by renting arcade machines from Arcade Rental for your next event. Contact us at 9116 1235 or email to level up your event in Singapore today!

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