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Claw Machines For Rent In Singapore That Makes Your Guests Go Wow

As anyone who planned a company party knows, it can be hard to get your colleagues to interact with those around them.  If you want to add an extra element of excitement to your next event in Singapore, consider renting some prize redemption machines

These gachapon and claw machines in Singapore can be a great way to provide a bit of friendly competition and are sure to get everyone talking. There are a variety of different prize redemption machines to choose from, so you can find the perfect ones for your company event.

1. Claw Machine

Claw machines first originated in Japan and are still extremely popular there. When playing on the claw machines, users use a joystick to control a mechanical claw to grab a prize. Going for a round on the claw machine is often seen as a test of skill, with many individuals enjoying the challenge of trying to grab the prize. Others simply enjoy the feeling of triumph that comes with finally winning a stuffed animal or other coveted prizes. 

2. Capsule/Gachapon Machine

Capsule, also known as gachapon, machines are usually operated by turning a knob or handle to dispense the capsule which contains the prize. The main appeal of these gachapon machines lies in the suspense of not knowing what item they will get.

3. Golden Key Machine

The Golden Key, also known as Master Key, arcade machine, is a less commonly seen prize redemption game in Singapore. The aim is to try and unlock the prizes by fitting the key into the spot accurately. There’s nothing like the feeling of excitement when your key enters the lock and opens it up to reveal the coveted prize!

4. Cubix Up Machine

Compared to the others, Cubix Up Arcade Machine is a unique prize redemption game that lets players win prizes as they play a game on the screen. All they need to do is to try to stack the moving cubes as high as they can. The higher the stacked boxes, the better the prize. While the game may be simple, it is incredibly addictive and provides hours of fun. If you’re looking for a challenging and addicting game, Cubix Up  is definitely worth checking out.

5. Giant Human Claw Machine

Standing at a whopping six metres tall, the Giant Human Claw Machine is a new invention that is sure to fascinate everyone who sees it in action. The machine consists of a claw that is mounted on the ceiling and controlled by a joystick. The operator uses the joystick to move the claw around. The twist: one of the players will be mounted on the claw, trying to pick up the hidden prizes within his reach. This game is truly not for the faint of heart. 

How to make your claw and gachapon machines appealing?

Everyone loves the feeling of winning a prize, no matter how big or small. But what if you could take that feeling of winning to the next level with a gachapon or claw machine that is guaranteed to make your guests go wow? 

1. Great Odds 

Want to make sure that your claw machine guests keep coming back for more? Then offer them great odds! The more chances they have to win, the more likely they are to keep playing. And the more they play, the more fun they’ll have.

2. Impressive Selection 

Another way to make your guests go wow is to offer an impressive selection of prizes. This means having a variety of different types of prizes so that there’s something for everyone. For example, you might want to have some big-ticket items in your gachapon and claw machines for those who really want to win or some smaller items for those who just want to have a chance at winning something. Whatever you do, make sure that your selection is varied enough to appeal to a wide range of people.The more, the merrier!

3. Customisation 

Looking to make your event one-of-a-kind? Gachapon and claw machines can be customised with your company logo or event name, making them an ideal way to promote your business or special occasion.  You can choose the designs and graphics that will be featured on the machines, allowing them to match the theme of your event perfectly. 

Take Your Guest Experience To The Next Level With Customisable Arcade Machines

There are many benefits to having a prize redemption machine at your event, including boosting your guests’ engagement and interaction.

At Arcade Rental Singapore, we specialise in creating high-end, customisable prize redemption machines. Whether you are looking for a claw machine with stuffed animals or a gachapon machine that dispenses small electronics, we have you covered. Our visually appealing machines are sure to wow your guests and keep them engaged and coming back for more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your corporate event in Singapore!

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