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A Look Back At The Top Arcade Machine Rentals In Singapore 2022

For many of us, the smell of an arcade centre brings back memories of our childhood and those long days spent playing 4-player Pac-Man on a vintage stand-up machine. If you’re looking to relive those memories or create new ones this year, there are plenty of options for arcade machine rentals in 2022. 

From classic games to modern gems, these top arcade machines will bring all the nostalgia and fun of an old-fashioned arcade right to your home or event. Let’s break down the best arcade machine rentals of 2022 in Singapore. 

1. Multiplayer video games 

Multiplayer video games have always been popular at arcades, but they have seen an explosion in popularity recently due to their ability to accommodate large groups of people at once. Many arcades now feature large screens with multiple consoles so groups can easily play together without having to purchase expensive hardware or software. Popular multiplayer titles include Mario Kart, House Of The Dead, Bishi Bashi, and Just Dance 2021.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) games 

Virtual Reality (VR) arcades have been popping up all around the world including Singapore as companies capitalise on this unique and immersive form of gaming. From horror-based titles to racing simulators, there is something for everyone in the realm of virtual reality. While home-based VR systems are still in their infancy, arcades offer an experience unlike any other—enabling users to try out new VR technologies without having to make a significant financial investment. 

3. Claw machines

Claw machines have been around for decades in Singapore, but they’re still just as popular as ever. Whether they were stuffed with plush animals or gadgets, playing with these prize redemption machines was always so much fun! 

In 2022, claw machines in Singapore have become more sophisticated, with improved technology like LED-lighted claw machines and more user-friendly controls. Players even have the ability to personalise their game experience by customising the machines with their very own branding stickers. 

Plus, these claw machines in Singapore come with colourful designs and larger prizes than ever before. While you don’t always win when playing these machines, they still offer hours of entertainment and can be lots of fun—especially when playing with friends! 

Get The Top Arcade Machines At Arcade Rental Singapore

Arcade games in Singapore have come a long way since their inception in the 1970s! If you’ve been keeping up with the gaming industry, you know that the arcade scene has been making a huge comeback. With the success of modern titles like Pac-Man and Street Fighter II, more and more game developers have been embracing their retro roots. 

At Arcade Rental Singapore, we offer some of the most famous and popular machines for your usage. We also provide customisation, delivery, and set-up services. From sports games to music machines, we have them all right here. 

Not sure which to choose? Check out our recommended top racing games, top music games, and the best arcade machines in Singapore of all time. 

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