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Engage Your Event walk-ins with our interactive claw machines

Looking for an entertaining element for your company's upcoming event?

Claw machines are the perfect solution for capturing visitors' attentions and converting them into a paying customers.

Our Available Types of Claw Machines For Rent

Our various types of claw machines allow us to offer you the one you need.

Branded Claw Machine

LED Claw Machine

Giant Capsule Ball Machine

Giant Human Claw Machine



Our claw machine can be customized with custom branding decal graphics to fit your event or branding.


Rent and configure our claw machines to free-to-play or token-play as needed. The strength of the claw can also be adjusted.

Conversion Rate

Get more interactions and convert more walk-ins into customers.

Sanitized &
Ready to Play

All our machines are cleaned and wiped down to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Our Claw machines Can Serve Multiple Use Cases

Discount Slips In
Plastic Capsules

Offer discounts and convert customers with a luck based system.

Plastic Balls

We offer manpower for sticker pasting on the prizes for clients that are expecting huge traffic


Give your customers a chance to win original merchandise that makes your brand stay in their mind longer.

Our Different Types Of Claw Machines

Popular for Company, Roadshow & Promotion events

Customized Claw Machine Rental

We offer design customization for every rented claw machine to fit your brand. You can change the prize types from capsules balls to your own customized packaging. Each customized claw machine requires at least 5 working days for preparation.
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Setup & Teardown
  • FREE Plastic Capsule Balls
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Each customized claw machine requires at least 5 working days to be prepared
Popular for Claw Machine BUsinesses

LED Glass Claw Machine Rental

Our LED Glass claw machines has over 100+ different colors to choose from. Perfect if you are looking for an exciting addition to your upcoming event or roadshow. Many of our clients rent this type for their claw machine business.
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Setup & Teardown
  • FREE Plastic Capsule Balls
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Popular for Roadshows and product promotions

Giant Human Claw Machine Rental

A gigantic claw machine that will definitely stand out of your next event. Our giant human claw machines take roadshows to the next level. A high chance to gain media attention.
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Reputable companies Choose Us as their #1 Claw Machine Rental

Every rented claw machines are sanitized and delivered to your event on time, every time

With over 10 years of experience in the arcade machine industry, Arcade Rental Singapore is proud to be the leading rental of the widest variety of arcade machines in Singapore.

our happy Claw Machine Rental Clients

Simply pay a deposit, and the claw machine(s) are booked for the date & time of your event!

Based on 42 Reviews

Arcade Rental boasts an impressive collection of arcade machines, ranging from beloved classics to modern favorites, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual enthusiast, the variety of games available is sure to delight. The atmosphere within the venue is electric. Thankful to Joshua and team, they were really helpful throughout the whole process, very professional and knowledgeable. Overall, my experience working with them was nothing short of fantastic.


I had a fantastic experience with Arcade Rental! They were incredibly accommodating, and the games were a blast. Highly recommend!


Great work from Felicia and the team! Felicia is super accommodating and able to customise based on your event needs!


My company rent their gaming equipments for our Christmas party this year. The communication from Felicia was so efficient and they very punctual in the delivery. We had lots of fun, thanks Felicia and Arcade Rental. Great work!


Liaised with Felicia for the rental of punching machine for an event. She was very responsive when troubleshooting any problems we faced during our event. Efficient and accommodating to our requests. Would highly recommend their services!


Would like to shout out to Felicia from AV Rental who was extremely responsive and helpful from the time I engaged her! Also, the team’s drivers / set up crew diligently arranged everything according to my specifications. Overall it was a good experience!


had a great time working with Arcade Rental and rented their claw machine, helpful staff and great service! :)


Felicia from arcade rental was responsive to my enquiries and able to meet the objectives and requirements for the event. Kudos to her and the team for making my company event possible! Great job!


Loved the working relationship with Felicia and Lucas as they were very helpful and prompt in assisting all our enquiries. Had to add in another machine just the day before our event but Felicia was very efficient in reverting back. All our staff enjoyed the games and also the live stations. Kudos to the team! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum days to rent a claw machine is a 1-day charge, even if you used it for only 3 hours. Charges still will remind the same.
After confirmation of your order, we will send you a template of the needed measurement for each panel of the requested claw machines.
Lead time is at least 5 working days for us to print and paste the branded graphics.
Anything that is 10-15cm and doesn't weigh more than 1 KG If your items are smaller than 10cm, we do provide a 10cm capsule ball which is free of charge.
No, all quoted price is inclusive delivery, setup and tear down.
You can rent claw machine from Arcade Rental Singapore, the leading Arcade Rental.

Past Projects

Customized Claw Machine Rented by Singtel for MapleStory Event
Customised Arcade Claw Machine Rented by Yotel for "Unwrapping the Future" event
Customized Pink Claw Machine Rented by Chopard
Cuistomized Claw Machine Rented By OKA For Anti Dust Mite Campaign

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