00’s Retro Arcade Game

00’s Retro Arcade Game – With 800 of the most popular classic video game titles available in a single unit, every player will be able to find a favorite to transport them back to the golden era of the video arcade with the first Multi-Game Video Arcade Machine, 00’s Retro Arcade Machine Some of the titles included are legends of the video gaming industry: Space Invaders, Defender, Robotron, Centipede, Paperboy, Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Joust to name just a few. In addition to the games that come stock with the 00’s Retro Arcade Machine, there are additional arcade video games available for installation via add-on game packs. 00’s Retro Arcade Machines has controller options for every game type, including a 3” trackball, two joysticks, and button operation.

Just like all the other arcade games available for rent,
00’s Retro Arcade Machine can be fully customized with your custom graphics or corporate branding to make the game stand out at trade shows or corporate events.