Time Crisis 3


Just like in the original, the game takes the players through different levels. They must blast all the bad guys in each area before time runs out. Fortunately there is a special pedal, which you step on to pop out of hiding so you can fire back, then release to go into hiding (and to reload your gun.)

You also have the option to play alone (SOLO PLAY- locks out second player) or have a friend join you at any time (LINK PLAY) after depositing credits. The President’s daughter is in trouble, so save her! You and a comrade progress through each of the game’s different levels. After a short animation, you’re placed right in the middle of combat, with enemies firing at you from afar (or up close). Start blasting all the enemies on screen, but watch out! You only have a limited amount of time to finish each level. If you run out or are depleted of all your health supply, it’s game over!



Measurement: 150 x 150 x 208cm?(H)
Requirement: 1 x powerpoint